Meet the Team

"In the Heart of the Father".


Andrew D. Isbell, M.A.


Drew is a Husband and Father before all else.  That is why he decided to create the Holy Family Institute.  His hope in founding the Institute was to help at a very practical level to renew the Church with some of his best friends.  He loves his friends and family.  To him there is no difference and there is nothing more important to him.  

Drew has worked in numerous positions both volunteer and professional over the past 10 years including; operations account manager, youth mentor, recreational programming developer, athletic director, bible camp design lead, youth minister, assistant high school football coach, head high school basketball coach. college campus minister, high school campus minister, theology teacher, director of evangelization, director of religious education and is currently the director of evangelization for the diocese of Joliet, IL.

Drew's favorite Scripture passage is: "By his wounds we are healed" - Is. 53:5


The Holy Family Institute


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